Conservation and life in Borneo

More gardening

Spent more time today clearing the path around the perimeter of the bear enclosure. Also cleared trail between bear house and quarantine centre and improvised some steps using dead wood on sloped part in order to stop erosion and reduce risk of slipping and falling.

As yesterday, got enrichment for bears (a plant they enjoy), which was put in some hard-to-reach places, though didn’t make it too hard for the 1 individual who is blind (may make it more challenging for him in the future and see if he manages).

There is a tiny bit of path to be cut clear tomorrow. Besides that, all that needs to be done is to cut a fallen tree into logs for removal, though this requires [a] working on the inside of the enclosure and [b] finding a saw that will do the job, so it may not be done for a while.

Had an interesting talk with Pixie (she’s a human, btw) at lunchtime and also noticed bear keepers having trouble with pronunciation of -ed endings of past tense regular verbs. Will plan a lesson for that soon.


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