Conservation and life in Borneo

Natalie gets bigger and stronger each day

The female cub Natalie is doing very well. She is gaining weight thanks to a special formula of powdered milk replacement designed for carnivores and now tips the scales at 7 kilos (1 stone 1 1/2 lbs). The weighing itself is rather easy as Natalie does all the work. We just put some food on the scales, zero them and then let her climb up herself.

I recently put in a piice of tree for her to practise climbing on, she now practically lives in it. Furthermore, Natalie now gets to practise climbing outside, often exploring a tree for an hour or more. She loves to climb and explore, tasting leaves, chewing on the bark of lianas and discovering her world. Though I often liken her to a small human baby in fancy dress, watching her in a tree is like watching a dolphin swim; though so young, she is incredibly well-adapted to life in her natural habitat and the way she negotiates the branches is a beautiful thing to watch.


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