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Teaching English & Chocolate Oranges with legs

The highlight of the day today was delivering an Englishclass to the staff. It was on the subject of the different ways in which we use the past simple tense and I had put quite a bit of effort into preparing some interesting activities on the subject.

The session went very well; by the end of class everyone was able to produce the target language and had a better idea of how tenses work in English. Teaching tenses can be challenging here as the mother tongues of my students do not have tenses as European languages do.

I also spent some time doing a Needs Analysis report for a member of staff here who hopes to take some English exams in the future. Hopefully this can help him to focus his limited study time as effectively as possible.

At lunchtime I collected some enrichment materials and came across a very nice pill millipede (Glomeris connexa) dangerously going along the road. I took it back with me and tried to make a race course for it (see photo below), which it seemed to enjoy greatly. After 5 minutes or so I released it to a suitable location near the office. Oh, and yes I did give it a name; I called it Terry, after the Terry’s Chocolate Orange it resembled.
With so many legs, it was a natural athlete!

Oh, and BTW, that cut on the photo below was a fake. Hope you had a good April Fool’s Day.


One response

  1. Emily

    What a cute milipede, love all the ancient looking things you found there 🙂

    April 4, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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