Conservation and life in Borneo

Leeches are Species of Least Concern

Yesterday I did a class on the subject of conservation status (i.e. the IUCN classifications of vulneravle, endangered, extinct in the wild, and so on), with emphasis upon bear species. It was really useful to do this as it will better enable the keepers to discuss conservation with volunteers and visitors. The keepers here know a great deal about bears, but sessions like this help them to express their knowledge and ideas in English.

The main task I was involved in today was doing a little “gardening” around the electric fences to make sure that no vegetation was causing short circuits. Unfortunately my efforts had no noticeable effect whatsoever on the voltmeter readings, so it’s back to it tomorrow.
both Daniel and I managed to get quite an impressive leech collection. I got rid of mine, except for 4 of the little buggers. Fortunately, leech bites are quite trivial, as they tend not to spread disease like mosquitoes do. Nevertheless, it is still a pain to wash the bloodstains out and the bites can be itchy, too.

The fly was the cherry on the cake!


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