Conservation and life in Borneo

A special visitor

Pretty miserable morning, shovelling sand and gravel in the rain. However, we had a visitor come at half past ten.. no other than Sigourney Weaver! I cannot quite express my surprise at hearing she was coming. Often playing the role of a tough female character, the star of classics such as the Alien films, Avatar and a lot inbetween, she certainly has quite an impressive cv.

She was very pleasant and soft-spoken and seemed to appreciate the work we were doing. We only had a brief conversation but was certainly a pleasure to meet her.

Before she left we took some pictures. Mine is shown below; as you can see, I had my camera in video mode, oops. I suppose I can now tell everyone that I’ve made a film with Sigourney Weaver! What it lacks in plot, duration and everything else, it makes up for with it’s all-star cast (starring Paul Clenton +a few supporting actors).

(left to right)Wai Pak, David, Seana, Sigourney, Wong, me & Daniel


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