Conservation and life in Borneo

Behave yourself!

i was able to show the class Youtube clips of stereotypical behaviour recorded by visitors to zoos and other facilities around the world. The problems are not just in devoloping countries either!

This week I’ve taught a series of classes on bear behaviour, both normal and stereotypical, to staff and a volunteer at the centre. Not only has this helped the learners diferentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour, but it has also helped them to put their observations into words.

As well as discussing our own bears, we also watched video clips of other species. Everyone did very well and Seana put her new theory into practise straight away by doing some monitoring in the bear house.

I found these lessons very worthwhile and I hope the others did too. It would be very good if the scope of our educational programme in the future could develop visitors’ insight into the behaviour in captive animals. How good would it be if visitors went to other places after us with awareness of this?


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