Conservation and life in Borneo

Natalie is such an amazing little bear

“The Beast of Borneo” in her element.

We took Natalie out into the forest for some exercise today. It was a real success. On previous outings into the forest she had been more interested in playing with us than anything else. However, today we may as well have been invisible. She spent the best part of an hour up in the understorey, ranging from an estimated 3 to 8 metres off the ground. She was climbing, foraging in the branches and lianas and shredding off bark and dead wood. She truly was in her element up there. It was very compelling to observe her moving about above.

Natalie seems to be at an interesting stage of her development at the moment. Some of the time she still resembles a cute little teddy bear, but now, when she is in the forest, you can see what an amazing bear she is growing into. Her instincts seem very strong indeed. I hope that one day in the not too distant future we are able to get her out there where she belongs.


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