Conservation and life in Borneo

Dear Mrs Wong

Below is an email that Wong, Head of the BSBCC recieved today. Please have a look at it:

Dear Mrs Wong.

Alright, so i started browsing sites just looking at sun bears and I stumbled up yours about the conservation of wildlife that’s either endangered or protected. While watching the video about the Malaysian zoos that sell these animals illegally it got me intrigued. Basically, the just of this email is whether or not their is a legal way to gain possession of a Sun Bear as a pet. This bear is fascinating and in a few years I’d love to have one around. So while looking around I figured I would send an email and get a response.

This may seem odd or strange but I was planning on having some sort of “exotic” pet when the time comes around. Now, I don’t think of this as a prize, or something I can show off as a trophy. But merely an animal that can be nurtured in a loving and providing household.

So can it be done? Can a Sun Bear become a persons’ pet, or is it a strictly zoo animal?

I’d love to hear back
C**y S*****e

I don’t want to say anything, but I’d be very interested if anyone could give me their opinion of this person’s state of mind. Words almost fail me for expressing my surprise that Wong, of all people, should get such an email. Do you think this is mere naiveté, or is there something more sinister to it?

Oh yes, and by the way, how the hell could anyone confuse Wong with a woman?

Wong Siew Te (left) and “Action Annie” (right)


One response

  1. M.

    Some people just operate differently… (Trying very hard not to judge!)

    April 26, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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