Conservation and life in Borneo

Sepilok Hit By Crime Wave

At 11 this morning I had to chase an orangutan out of the kitchen.. again. I seem to recognise this chap from last year when he did the same thing. He had been watching from the edge of the forest and noticed the door was unlocked when he saw people come and go. Next thing he was in the fridge. I chased him out, but he managed to make good his escape onto the roof with two loaves of bread.


This individual is now semi-wild, following his rehabilitation at the orangutan centre. It is good to see he’s not going to the feeding platform today, but then again, perhaps he’s just planning to have a banana sandwich at the 3 o’clock feeding session?

To an onlooker it may have appeared cruel to see me shouting at it and chasing it with a stick, but it is vitally important for its own safety that it learns to fear humans and stop associating our species with an easy meal. I’m going out for my lunch now and on the way I shall check to see where he is; chances are that he’ll have his eyes on me from a tree somewhere, too.



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