Conservation and life in Borneo

Say hello to Susie

Susie foraging for fruit in the forest.

This is Susie. I don’t know how old she is about 6 now. She’s a little more heavily built than the other sows she goes out with, weighing-in a around 6 stone (38kg) and is in very good health. To give an idea of scale, she’s about 2′ (60cm) to her shoulders.

I quite like this picture I got of her this afternoon;for me it’s rather hard photographing sun bears as my pictures usually seem to come out as blurred images of the bears’ bums. Though she is quite dominant within her group, one must be very quiet and patient photographing bears such as her, as the slightest noise can cause her to run off in the opposite direction. I’m most thankful to Susie for her participation in today’s photo shoot.


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