Conservation and life in Borneo

Daniel and Miko

Roshan and I went out of the office today to calls of “Orangutan datang!” (There’s an orangutan here!). Fortunately, however, this was Miko. He seemed to be trying to save one of the construction workers some time by eating his nasi goreng for him, after which he sauntered up to the stairs of the still-under-construction viewing platform and took someone else’s water bottle, unscrewed the cap and proceeded to drink half of it. After washing down his rice he then went across to near the fence, where there is a small platform from which we scatter food for the bears.


Daniel explaining to Miko that once the centre’s open to the public he’ll have to buy a ticket like everyone else.


During this time he was followed by Roshan, Daniel and myself. We just wanted to make sure that everyone -orangutan and human alike- stayed safe. Rangers were also radioed to come over and remove him to somewhere safer. It was quite something to see Daniel, one of our bear keepers, with Miko. Daniel certainly has a way with orangutans. It’s a good skill to have if you work in Sepilok.Image

Mutual Trust.


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