Conservation and life in Borneo

Kogiu Kinabatangan

Yesterday I spent a day on the Kinabatangan river with some friends from the BSBCC. It was quite ironic how the boatman took us to see species such as kara (long-tailed macaque) and gabuk (pig-tailed macaque) which can be seen easily at Sepilok. 

I was more interested to see the proboscis monkeys and reptiles. We did not manage to see any elephants, though we were able to see marks where some had been using the river bank recently before our arrival.

By far the best sighting of the afternoon for me was a young orangutan (kogiu) with its mother. When first seen, the youngster appeared to be in trouble as a group of gabuks were gaggling up around it, so I was relieved when its mother appeared.


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