Conservation and life in Borneo


I have just remembered to do a post about my new friend and colleague, Gloria Ganang.
From the Wildlife Direct blog:
Originally from Sipitang town of Sabah, Gloria has a bachelor degree in International Tropical Forestry from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and expecting to obtain her Master’s degree in Forest ecology by the end of this year. MSc thesis is on bird species diversity in the Crocker Range Park. She has carried out various bird research projects in several areas including Klias Forest Reserve, Trusmadi Forest Reserve and Sulu-Sulawesi Islands next to Kudat and Pitas district. As a postgraduate student in the School of International Tropical Forestry of UMS, she also assists in training undergraduate students to carry out bird research in the field using the mist netting method.

Gloria is very new to the conservation of sun bears. However, being passionate about animals she is very enthusiast to learn more about the conservation of sun bears. She is looking forward to spread the words about BSBCC as a centre for the conservation and rehabilitation of sun bears. She aims to give visitors a different perspective of nature, promoting awareness of the urgent need to conserve our remaining forest areas for the continuous survival of sun bears particularly on the island of Borneo.

As Education Officer, this young lady has a great deal of responsibility at the BSBCC. I’m sure she’s going to do really well in her new position. All I can really add to that is that she’s very good at Jenga.

Gloria in action.


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