Conservation and life in Borneo

Roll Out the Barrel

I spent yesterday morning working on an old barrel trap that’s needed to capture a bear that’s been causing a bit of trouble on a plantation in Lahad Datu.

These traps are designed to safely capture the bear and contain it without it being able to cause any injury to itself or others. It works by activating a guillotine door when the bear goes inside and attempts to take a piece of bait.

The main problem I had was freeing-up the door so that it slid properly. It was held fast by rust, which was overcome by using some spray to free it, combined with making a tension wrench from twisting a hardwood shaft within a loop of nylon rope.

I also used a pressure washer to clean off mud which had accumulated in places, to reveal any weak spots in the body work and added a trigger mechanism and door from another disused trap. With a little fiddling about and some grease is was functional once more. Now all that needs to be done is a little welding to patch up corroded bodywork and the Wildlife Department will have a safe, functional barrel trap with which to deal with this bear. Watch this space for developments.
Using tension to free-up the door.

Assembled and functional.


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