Conservation and life in Borneo

A Proud Moment

It was a proud moment for me today to see the BSBCC’s first Keeper, David, give an induction to some new volunteers. He had always had more of a challenge with using English and I have tried my best to help him when I can. He is now so much more confident when using English, it’s quite impressive to see. Well done, David. Keep up the good work.

David informing new volunteers about duties and safety protocols in the Bear House.

Oh yeah, and what makes me really proud of David is how good he is at his job. Working more in husbandry this week, I have seen that he has everything down to a tee; if everyone could manage their time as he does, we’d be much better off for it. David is a very competent keeper, a nice chap and a credit to the BSBCC.


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