Conservation and life in Borneo


(Right) Mags about to take a day off in Sandakan.

Margaret (a.k.a. Mags) is originally from Penang in West Malaysia (and never stops going on about how good the food is there!) but has lived in the UK since her early teens… this interestingly results in her speaking her English in a very British way with me, yet in a very Malaysian way with locals.
She loves animals very much and has had a lot of experience working on a variety of projects around the world, in often far-flung places such as the Galapagos. She’s worked really hard during her days in the bear house, helping out a lot with husbandry duties. She also helped me with the tree survey….. when she wasn’t photographing insects!

Mags has been like a grenade of positive energy around us, well….. sometimes just like a grenade. Anyway, it’s been great working with her and I’ll certainly miss the banter.


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