Conservation and life in Borneo

Watch the Birdie

I thought that it might be time for an update on the report I sent off to the Wildlife Department. Below are my responses from 2 of the 3 contacts I sent the information to:

Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

Recipient address:
Original address:
Reason: LMTP transmission failure has occurred
Diagnostic code: lmtp;550 5.2.3 Delivery failed: Message too large


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: (
The e-mail address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

The third contact I tried was a web-based form and I am yet to hear from it.

Fortunately several members of staff at the orangutan centre have asked for copies of my photos and will endeavour to pursue the matter for me in my absence.


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