Conservation and life in Borneo

Bearing Up with Being Back from Borneo


Back in my kampung and enjoying the neighbouring hutan.

Well, I’ve been back in England a week or so now and am already thinking about getting over to Borneo again. When I do go back I hope to help out with more research-based activities and am also considering applying my teaching skills with indigenous communities.

I’m off to Russia in a few weeks to try and earn some money teaching English. Until then I’m free to enjoy being in England for a while. After that I’ll be doing a hair tube survey to look for mustelids on my local AONB.


This is the hoof print of a red deer, the largest native terrestrial mammal here.


We also have roe deer such as these.


My dog, Willow, investigating a fox hole.

It’s nice to see the contrast in wildlife here, though I’m already missing the diversity of Borneo. It’s a shame I was not able to stay longer in Sabah, but I’ll be back there when I can to do more for the bears.



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