Conservation and life in Borneo

Heading Back

Since leaving Sabah in May I’ve been doing some teaching, both in Russia and the UK. As a result I am now able to dig myself out of the financial hole I got myself into last time and also to look to the future and buy a ticket back to do more work for sun bear conservation this autumn.

Roshan and I are also dedicated to the conservation of the “data deficient” Bornean forest swan ( Cygnus clentonii.

The main aim of my mission this time is to help my mate Roshan catch and collar a bunch of bears for his study in the kinabatangan area. This study, done as part of the Kinabatangan Carnivore Programme, is very important as it will help us understand how wild bears are behaving in areas which contain a mix of forest and (often controversial) oil palm plantation. With plantation eating away at the jungle more and more with each passing day, this study could make a big difference to sun bear conservation in the future.


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