Conservation and life in Borneo

Upcoming SBT Activities

Paul will be a few months off work to volunteer in Borneo for the SBT again this summer. The details are all to be confirmed, but the provisional itinerary looks something like this:

End of April/Start of May – Recce of Pulau Banggi, Sabah, to investigate potential of area as a site for future study.

4th of May- Sponsored 42km run at the Borneo International Marathon. Have spent last 2 months cooped up indoors in a Russian winter, so this is going to hurt!

As soon as able to walk again – Visit to BSBCC

Remainder of May & June – Assisting Oxford WildCRU at Tawau Hills National Park, Sabah with carnivore research. This work is intended to help formulate ideas and plan for future research into sun bear ecology in both fragmented and remote forest.

October – November? (t.b.a.) – Camera trap survey with to gather data to hopefully form foundation of a medium-term study into the ecology of sun bears in remote forest.


This is ALL subject to change. All digits remain crossed.


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